Green PC Custom Built Computers

Just saw a new E3 announcement for a brand-new AAA title that you know your current rig can’t run? Or maybe you’re looking for a great starting machine to help a friend get into PC gaming. Either way, Green PC has the knowledge and expertise to help you price out and build your dream machine. Even if we don’t have the hardware in-store to match your ambitions, we can order in almost any hardware to meet your needs.

Complete Custom Build Labor w/ Windows Install (Parts Purchased Through Green PC) $60
Complete Custom Build Labor w/ Windows Install (Parts Not Purchased Through Green PC) $120

Not a gamer? Don’t worry, we also have experience building custom computers for video editing, audio editing, and CAD work! Contact us if you’d like to work on a specialized build!


“These guys are very knowledgeable, friendly and affordable.”

-Customer Review